Wednesday 25 August 2021


By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo

As the Anambra State Governorship election draws near, political engineering is at top gear as strategic meetings, consultations from political leaders, critical stakeholders both within and outside the state and foot soldiers have all brace up in readiness for the D-Day.

Vigorous enlightenment campaigns ahead of the election, including national machinery to Anambra State have kicked start. Simply put, all these arrangements are geared towards ensuring that, “nobody robs Ndi-Anambra of their desired collective victory”.

Some political parties in the state have mismanaged their nomination processes, which has lead to invalid candidates, endless litigations, bitter infighting, irregularities, confusion and inability to forge a direction.

Political Stakeholders in the state, have started mending fences and going for reconciliation visits in order to leave no stone unturned through settling internal squabbles, mixed with acrimony of splitting magnitude even as, tour to the 21 local government areas are set to begin.

Media aides of governorship candidates, are not left behind as they have sharpen their pens as different articles and write-ups keep dropping on a daily basis.

In preparations, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has revealed that, eighteen (8) political parties would be contesting the 6th November Anambra State Governorship election. The Commission has also urged Ndi-Anambra, to arm themselves with voters card because, power belongs to the people and the citizens, who have their choice to make also have the capacity to determine, who would be the Next Governor of the state.

The experiences of the past have shown that, one of the key issues facing Anambra even at the moment is that, a good number of her voting population, who claim to have voters’ card won’t vote in the coming election. This is so true because, while their voters’ card is registered in other states like Plateau, Delta, Lagos, Abuja or Imo as the case maybe, they can’t vote in Anambra. This has made the voting strength of Anambra to be poor and needs to be improved.

It is saddening to see some youths playing football, drinking in bars and watching movies in an election day. A day that would decide, who governs them in the next four years.

As the days run and with the look of things, the Anambra governorship election would not be a walk-over for any candidate or political party.

Public affairs analysts in the state and beyond have predicted the 6th November, 2021 election, to be one of the toughest the state would witness, considering the fact that, political parties during their primary elections, choose the most qualified and suitable candidates.

While some camps have commenced fasting and praying like the Israelites in the days of the holocaust and begging God to choose the Next Moses, who would pilot the affairs of the state in the next four years, others are of the opinion that, “the Next Governor has already been decided”.

With few months to the governorship election, Ndi-Anambra are looking forward to elect a governor, who has before joining politics or the contest, proven to have interest of the people at heart. A leader, who would always empower the youths and expose them to the realities of life. Someone, who has uplifted the lives of many young people and not someone, who sees government position as the only avenue to serve the people.

The big question is, Should credentials, antecedents, qualifications and personality be all that should be considered by the electorates at the polls?. Ndi-Anambra should know better, who the cap fits and begin to mobilize intelligently and strategically.

Questions like, who do I want as the next governor of my state? What are the present and past antecedents of the desired individual? These and many more questions should be in the minds of every Anamberian before heading to the polls.

Many political pundits have score the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, very high for transforming the state from being a home for all to the light of the nation. Who would take up the mantle from Governor Obiano, as the Next Governor of Anambra state? Only time would tell!

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